About Us

The Healing Power of Nature

A family run business with the goal to provide quality service and CBD infused products for people globally. We saw the beneficial impact CBD was having on family and friends and wanted to help pass on this great creation via our various products.


Having graduated in 2018 and fallen into a sales job, I felt that I was not doing anything worthwhile for society. As the pandemic hit the world a year later, with a sharp increase in mental health issues amongst all members of society, I felt like creating Ethos CBD would be a great way to actually impact society for the better and make peoples lives feel a little more at ease.


Our Goal

We want to be able to provide excellent quality CBD globally, but also without damaging the world around us

We know how important our products can be to customers and that is why we have only sourced the best and most organic ingredients in creating our various items.Our Oils are made in Slovenia, with the production lab Essentia Pura, who are both a CTA member (Cannabis Trade Association) & a member of EIHA (European Industrial Hemp association). Our other CBD products are sourced from one of the leading hemp industries in the UK, APEX White Label.  Not only that, we are increasingly aware of the rising threat that is climate change. We do not want to be another added reason as to why the polar caps are melting or climate becoming more extreme, so we aim to operate in a way that minimizes our carbon footprint, but also actively engaging to mitigate the carbon we produce. 

We know that it is very hard to operate at a net zero rate, or negative carbon rate, but our goal is to ensure that every bit of carbon we put out into the world is offset by using 100% recyclable items and packaging, by providing recyclable alternatives and low carbon transport. 

So we hope you can help support us in our goal of helping people who need CBD and helping the planet out at the same time.