1. Is CBD legal?

A. Yes, CBD is legal. We operate from the UK, but it is legal to consume and buy in the EU & all 50 states in America. Globally it is allowed, with various restrictions depending on the country. If you believe it might not be legal or there is restrictions around it in regards to your country, it would be best to find out yourself or contact us to check. 

2. Will CBD get me high?

A. CBD does have a very small trace of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), specifically less than 1% THC within our items. THC is the compound within the cannabis plant which induces psychoactive effects, essentially gets you high. However due to such a little amount of the compound within our oils and other products, it would not have the same effect if the cannabis plant was inhaled through smoke. We also stock THC free oils for customers who may give CBD products to their children or wish to to benefit from CBD, but without consuming any THC.

3. Will CBD show up on a drugs test?​

A. CBD should not test positive if you are doing a drugs test for work or any other reason. This is due to the extremely low amounts of THC or none within our products.

4. Best way to take CBD?​

A. Whilst the Premium and THC free oils are the most popular way, depending on the issue you are taking CBD for there will be different products best suited for you. For example, for people suffering from muscle or nerve issues, whilst the oils would also help, the heat balm is most likely to be suited to your needs. Check out our blog to see which product best suits your needs- click here

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